mark [AT] markdrummond [DOT] ca

I am a career IT systems analyst, until recently specializing in Linux and Unix systems, Identity and Access Management, and Java EE application server environments.

Over the past few years I took a lead role in my organization’s first steps into the cloud, and I’ve gotten involved with our data analytics team as well. As a result of my cloud initiatives and data work, I was recently “laterally promoted” to the position of Platform and Data Operations Analyst.

I am also a part-time undergraduate student at Queen’s University, working on a B.A. in Economics.

My professional interests include:

  • Cloud technologies including AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Heroku, CoreOS, etc.
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning, particularly their implementation in code.
  • Coding, primarily in Python and R.

Here is a reasonably up-to-date resume, and more details are available from my online presences linked in the sidebar.

I ride motorcycles.